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A garage is a blank canvas with unlimited potential. It can be simply a space for your cars and toys or it can be a grand multi-room structure for your pool house, tikibar, or home office, and still give your cars a place to sleep safely.
We work as closely with our clients on their dream garage as we do with all our custom projects. They supply the vision, and we take it from there, applying our experience and expertise to guide their vision to fruition. Our team works with them on architectural plans, engineering, materials, as well as handling the paperwork for city permits and conditional use requirements.

It’s time to tap the potential at the end of your driveway. Let’s get started


Sample designs

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Allow us to help you with the necessary approvals before building your garage. We’ll cover it all!

We verify local codes, submit all paperwork, and pull the permits. We even help with all the conditional use requirements. We take the guesswork out of building your project.

City Craftsman
Garden Park Garage
Architect: Kelly Swan
Design: Built By Design
Completed 2019
Hillside Rustic
Taylorsville Garage
Architect: McNeil Engineering
Design: Built By Design
Completed 2022

our process

From a backyard ADU to a five-bedroom custom home, our six-step process is designed to give you  the highest level of service from beginning to end.
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how do i begin the Garage building process?

The first part of beginning a garage or any structure with BBDC, is the design process. This means getting plans drawn from our architects and engineers, this is something we offer to any clients that may need this service provided. Once those plans are done that will give us an idea of the project scope and any further conversations we will need to take place in order to proceed.

how long does the Garage building process take?

Building a custom garage can be a quick process — we focus strongly on the relationships with our clients. It typically takes several weeks to understand your needs, determine the scope of the project, and makes we’re a good fit. After that, we move to the first steps in the process — designs and engineering — which can take a few weeks to begin construction.

where can i learn more about slc building rules?

You can always ask us, but there is also a lot of information online. Visit’s Building Services FAQ for more information. You can stop in to the permits and zoning office in the city and county building. Contact us and we’re happy to meet you there. The permit office is located at 451 South State Street Room 215, SLC.

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