Our Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation

We get together and discuss your goals and expectations, the scope of the job, and our process. We also get to know each other a bit to make sure we are a good fit as builder and client. We will be working together for while. It’s good establish what type of working relationship you’d like.

Step 2: Rough Estimate

After discussing job parameters, we’ll start on design criteria using diagrams, rough sketches, and other estimating methods to determine a rough estimate for your build.

Step 3: Design

Upon acceptance of the rough estimate and the Design Build Agreement, we can move to the design phase, where you’ll have a number of options to choose from. These include civil and/or topographic mapping, a structural mockup, architectural plans, electrical plans, plumbing and HVAC plans, as well as 3D-modeling.

Step 4: Hard Bid

Once we’ve completed the design phase, we take the plans along with a list of the materials you’ve selected to create a hard bid so you know exactly what the cost will be.

You're welcome to compare pricing with other competitors as well as look into any design options that could reduce costs, such as switching floor types or changing fixtures.

Step 5: Contracts, Agreements, and Finances

We believe in transparency. Together we’ll discuss the full cost of the project, any potential pitfalls, and make sure you’re happy with your design and cost.

Once we have received signed agreements and approval of the hard bid, the project can begin. This allows us to run the construction process of your project as smoothly as possible, with a clear expectation of work to be performed.

We have great financing recommendations that can help ensure that you are fully funded and won’t run into any problems financing your future home.

Step 6: Construction

The first phases of construction include surveying, an environmental assessments, and soil reports. Once we have these done, we can begin work, lining up our trusted sub-contractors so the process runs smoothly.

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