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A great neighborhood is priceless. If you’ve outgrown your kitchen, need to put an updated face on some solid bones, or are ready to turn your busiest room in your home into the ultimate space, let’s make sure it’s done with quality and care. Our team are experts at creating functional and striking kitchen cabinets, countertops and layouts to ensure every detail is right.

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Elegant Modern
Harvard Kitchen Remodel
Architect: Kelly Swan
Design: Built By Design
Completed 2021
Contemporary Farmhouse
9th & 9th Kitchen Remodel
Architect / Design: Market Source Real Estate
Completed 2019

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From a complete kitchen gut to a light facelift, we offer only the highest level of service from beginning to end.
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how do i begin the renovation process?

The first step in beginning any project is figuring out the scope of work and getting an accurate bid on the project. This can be done multiple ways but the recommended process would first be to figure out a realistic budget by contacting our team to get a bid put together before moving forward. For larger projects we always recommend you first obtain permits and contact the county before reaching out to us to speed up the process. However, we can take you through the permitting process ourselves it will just delay the work and start date.

how long does the renovation process take?

Typically we work on large scale projects, such as complete guts with floor plan changes. This means that we must take the existing structure down to its frame and build it back up from scratch so typically we are talking eight plus weeks of construction alone. This varies depending on size and location of your home.

where can i learn more about slc building rules?

You can always ask us, but there is also a lot of information online. Visit’s Building Services FAQ for more information. You can stop in to the permits and zoning office in the city and county building. Contact us and we’re happy to meet you there. The permit office is located at 451 South State Street Room 215, SLC.